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The process of writing an essay is a very laborious and lengthy task.

Not every student can force themselves to constantly write essays on various topics, especially if there is no necessary knowledge and skills for this. Many researchers have spent years finding the perfect essay formula, following which you can write easy essay in 10 steps or else. But not everything is so simple; there is no single scheme for all essays, since there are more types of essays than it might seem at first glance.

While studying at school, students come across essays on fairly light topics where you need to talk about your family or how you spent your summer. In high school or college, students are given more difficult tasks when they need to write an essay on some kind of novel or on some more serious social topic. In universities and other higher educational institutions, essays can reach several pages, while topics require a special approach and lengthy research.

One way or another, the outline for all essays will always be the same.

Any essay consists of an introduction, a main part and a conclusion. The main part of the essay varies depending on the complexity of the topic and the type of essay. In other words, instead of the usual narration in the main part, you may see a comparison and so on. Start writing from the main part, since in this way you will spend all the forces on writing the most important thing. Make a work plan based on the topic of your essay and the information that you managed to collect. These may be key questions that you would like to answer in your essay. Write them in a logical order, and start writing the answers to these questions in a single structured text. After completing the writing of the main part, write an intriguing and enticing introduction. Your introduction should encourage the reader to continue reading your essay, that is, your task is to interest the reader from the first lines of the text. It will be appropriate to check the effect of the introduction on friends or relatives, asking them to read and express their opinion.

One aspect of how to write a conclusion in an essay is design.

Making the conclusion in the essay is extremely simple: you do not need a heading (“conclusion ” or something like this). You don’t even have to start the conclusion from a new page. It is enough to complete the thought (making up the last part of the main text of the work) and smoothly proceed to the formulation of conclusions. The conclusion begins with a new paragraph without special delimiters (you do not need to cross it out or use other means).

The volume of the conclusion should be proportionate to the essay itself.

If the essay takes 3 pages, it is inappropriate to take aside one and a half of them for conclusion. As a general principle, the volume of the conclusion, exactly like the introduction, should be 5-10% of the volume of work; accordingly, in a three-page essay it should be about a third of the page.

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