How to write an essay like a pro

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Writing an essay is a rather difficult task if you do not have the necessary experience.

But teachers often do not care to teach students how to write quality essays, so they have to look for help on the Internet.

To understand how to write an essay like a pro, without spending years studying theory and practice, you need to familiarize yourself with the basic rules of working on an essay. To get started, analyze your topic. If you have the necessary knowledge, then you can start writing an essay. But if you do not know anything about your essay, then you will have to do some research to supplement your knowledge.

The process of writing the main part is quite simple.

Think about what questions you would like to answer in your essay and just share the information with your readers. Then write an introduction. The introduction is usually the topic of your essay, but in other words. And if you have no problems with the introduction and the main part, then it is much more difficult to write a conclusion.

Few people know, but there are several approaches to how to finish an essay.

For example, a rhetorical question. If the essay was written in the form of questions and answers, it can be completed with a rhetorical question, forcing the reader to think over what he read and formulate a conclusion for himself. The rhetorical question does not imply a concrete answer, for example: “How long will our people endure flagrant injustice?” Does not imply an answer in the style of “Three years and two months”, but hints that it is time to change something.

A summary of the author’s position is also a fairly common option. This is the classic version of the completion of the text. It is enough to simply summarize the conclusion arising from the foregoing. You can start a conclusion of this type with the words “So,” “Thus,” “Having analyzed … you can conclude.”

There is also a call for action. For educational essays this is not very characteristic, but some social topics can be revealed with the help of such a conclusion, for example: “Let’s start with ourselves and quit smoking tomorrow”, “Take the phone and just call the person closest and the world will become a little better” . This method is very common in the essay on social topics, so if your topic is just that, then take this method into account.

The next way is to use a quote.

It is much easier to put the citation in the epigraph, but sometimes it is appropriate in the conclusion. But in this case, quotes should be used very carefully, since not all phrases may be appropriate for completing the essay. The quote should help complete the essay, and not raise even more questions.

Ring composition is also very often used when writing an essay.

The conclusion should overlap with the introduction. The simplest option: in the introduction, the question is posed, and in the conclusion, the answer is given to it: “Now we can confidently answer that …”

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